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Welcome To Insider Health’s Fit And Fab Over 50

Welcome To Insider Health’s Fit And Fab Over 50

The following is a written transcipt of thevideo content.

Hello, my name is Sabrina Tavalone, and WELCOMEto Sabrinaís Fit and Fab over 50 channel! I have been a certified personal trainer forover 13 years and I am YOUR host of this latest edition where weíll explore the latest trendsin health and fitness.

You may want to know a little bit about mebefore I try to inspire you to get off the couch and into the living room where you canstretch and reclaim your life.

What I want you to realize is that it is the small stepsthat add up to big changes in your life.

Some of lifeís greatest achievements are gainedthrough the accumulated sum of the small, daily disciplines.

Do something good for yourselfevery day, no matter how small, and soon you will become comfortable enough that it willno longer seem a strain.

This is my goal for all of you watching today.

Many of you mayeven be wondering if you can really make a difference.

I want you to know that an 80year old has the same capacity to build muscle as an 18 year old.

So donít let anyone, oreven your own mind, try to tell you that you canít do this.

When I was in my 20ís, I can tell you forfact I was not nearly as strong as I am todayÖpoor eating habits in college led to a downwardspiral and a serious decline in my health.

Iím here to tell you today that I know whatit is like to struggle with poor lifestyle choices.

It IS possible to reprogram yourlife, your thoughts and your habits.

Iím not going to tell you itís easy, but if youstick with me in these segments, week to weekÖten minutes at a time, it is going to bring aboutabundant changes that WILL, over time, make a difference.

When I became a certified fitness trainerat the age 30, I decided to stop the madness of poor eating and poor lifestyle.

In my mid30ís I gave birth to two incredible baby boys via C-section.

So donít let anyone tellyou that you canít have a flat tummy after surgeryÖit is possible.

I myself had to losethe 50 lbs I gained during pregnancy.

Now 43 years old, I want to tell you we all havethe ability to become stronger, leaner and more flexible, no matter what your age.

Ialso want you to realize that your body is an amazing machine with the genetics to last120 yearsÖ the problem is that most people become indifferent to their bodies due tostress and poor lifestyle choices.

Itís one thing to talk about it, and another one tohave lived it.

This is what drives me and gives me the passionto be here today to inspire, motivate and educate you on some of the latest tools andtechniques to maintain your strength and vitality.

Today, I want to discuss a profound strengthtraining study conducted in a retirement community in Orange City, FL with 19 of their elderlyresidents.

These nearly 90 year old men and women were physically weak and used wheelchairsfor mobility.

The challenge was to make them strong enough to walk again.

Following 14 weeks of regular resistance exercise,these trainees made significant improvements in body composition, muscle strength, andjoint flexibility.

They even increased their lean muscle weight by 3.

8 pounds! Equallyimportant, all program participants reported less physical discomfort, and spent less timein wheelchairs.

Clearly, it is amazing to see how such a basicresistance exercise program performed just TWICE a week can produce such impressive results.

I am now going to share with you a few examplesof real life exercises I use with a couple of my clients.

I just have to mention thatthese clients are both 87 years young.

The first exercise is called a SEATED LEGEXTENSION.

While sitting upright in a chair for stability, I am going to show you howthis exercise is effective for developing and strengthening the quadriceps (the largemuscle group in the front of your thigh), your inner thighs, the pelvic floor muscles,and the core abdominal muscles.

You want to make sure before you start thatyou are using what I call the ìgirdle gripî, which involves pulling your navel into yourspine to take the pressure off the lower back.

You are now engaging the inner most layersof your abdominals known as the transverse abdominis which wraps around your waist likea weight belt, holding your organs in.

You could also place a small soft ball like thisone, or a folded towel in the curve of your lower back for comfort if needed.

To create resistance, I use two and a halfpound ankle weights on each leg.

This weight is definitely challenging enough, but notso heavy as to create too much strain on the joints and connective tissue.

Since I go intopeopleís homes that have no equipment, my goal is to mimic the leg extension machinesat the gym.

Now place another soft ball in-between theankles.

It is the action of holding this ball with the ankles that engages the inner thighsand pelvic floor muscles.

On exhalation extend your legs parallel to the floor without droppingthe ball.

Make sure to squeeze the tops of your thighs above your knees as you do this.

Breathing is extremely important in all ofyour exercises; you never want to hold your breath, as this raises the pressure in yourchestÖ.

Not a good thing for your heart or blood pressure! Inhale as you slowly lowerthe ball.

Most strength gains are made in the eccentric or lengthening phase of a resistanceexercise like this.

Take your time when lowering the ball and concentrate on your movement.

You donít want to bounce, jerk or snap the kneesÖyou need to be kind to your joints!You want to maintain tall posture with your back against the chair, as you try for ten,12 or even 15 reps for at least two to three complete sets.

Enough stress must be put onthe muscle as it pulls on the bone, which helps strengthen the bones while you createvery minor micro tears in the muscle on a cellular level which then repair and causestrength gains when practiced consistently.

The key words here are consistency and perseveranceÖyoucanít expect a stronger body in one day, or even one weekÖ.

It takes time and patienceto develop.

This is truly a fantastic exercise; I wantyou to complete this exercise for 15 reps.

I am going to do one complete set with youand then I would like you to complete two to three on your own.

Three is if you arefeeling really strong.

Most people donít realize is that as we age, it is our LOWERbody, and not our upper body that atrophies first.

This reflects our tendency to use ourupper body more in daily activity, and sit more often.

(Stand) From car seat to couchÖ.

(Gograb medicine ballÖ.

) Now I am going to demonstrate a very effectiveupper body exercise to create muscular symmetry in your bodyÖWe want to keep those arms tonedand strong.

This next exercise works all three heads of the deltoid, or shoulder muscle.

The anterior, (front), medial, (middle) and posterior (rear)region of the deltoid muscle.

Only complete this exercise if you can lift your arms comfortably over your head withno discomfort.

You can start with two to three pounds, but today I am going to use the whopping5 lb medicine ball which is the size my 87 year old client uses twice a week with mein her sessions.

What I love about this exercise is that it mimics real life movement of retrievingan object, like a heavy jar of marinara sauce off a high shelf.

The shoulder is often weakand easily injured as we rely on the strength of our biceps in most daily activitiesÖ.

Weget into trouble when we need the strength to lift over our heads, as it is now up tothese weaker less used muscles of the shoulder to do the work.

(Demo the movement) You wantto make sure to use slow and controlled movements, so as not to overstrain the muscle.

In thebeginning, start with a comfortable number of repetitionsÖ12 to 15 is generally a goodguideline.

Two to three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions will ensure you are getting adequate strengthgains.

Enough stress must be put on the muscle as it pulls on the bone, which helps strengthenthe bones while you create very minor micro tears which then repair and cause increasedstrength gains when practiced consistently, After each set, there should be at least 60seconds of recovery time and stretch to let the muscle recover.

An excellent shoulderstretch is demonstrated hereÖ(show stretch) and you want to gently pull the arm acrossthe body and tilt the head slightly to increase a stretch in the assisting trapezius (neck)muscles.

Each week I am going to add exercises to yourrepertoire in sizeable, manageable chunksÖOnes you can practice over and over and slowlybuild your library.

Before you know it, these small ten minute changes you add to your weekwill eventually add years to your life! A month ago, I was in Long Beach CA and Ihad the pleasure of hearing Bear Grylls, the host of Discovery Channelsí ìMan Vs.

Wildîand youngest Brit to ever climb Mt.

Everest speak about his amazing climb to the summitof Mt.

EverestÖone of the highest peaks in the worldÖ29000 feet above sea level.

At26000 feet you enter the death zone, where human body canít survive.

With the reducedoxygen and the extreme cold, four climbers in his group died on their attempt to makethe summit.

But my message to your from Bear is thisÖit is the ordinary man that can achievesomething extraordinary.

The difference is in the word extra, and that is what makesour work today here at Insiderís Heath extraordinary.

Successful people are ordinary people whojust give more than they ask and give more when most people give up.

I am just askingyou for these ten minutes with me, twice a week ÖYou will be amazed at where this littlebit of EXTRA will take you.

Thank you so much for sharing your time withme.

I hope these tips have been as helpful to you as they have been for my clients.

Ifind once people understand the why behind the exercise, they are most likely to stickto it! And remember, there is NOTHING more importantthan your health.

Have a wonderful healthy day and I look forward to seeing YOU on theNEXT edition of Sabrinaís Fit and Fab over 50!.

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