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The Weight Watchers Diet Plan – How Works The Weight Watchers Point System Diet

The Weight Watchers Diet Plan – How Works The Weight Watchers Point System Diet

the weight watcher organization with its point plus method is a real diet institution weight watchers is an organization which gathers members anxious to maintain a weight body for their health and their wel being.

this diet evolved during years as research nutrtion advanced and made it possible to make the diet healthier, more varied.

the point plus method of weight watchers each food contain a certain number of points.

a certain level of energy or its contents in calories and fat during the meal, the points of food are added.

the total of the day must correspond to a preset value according to the objectives of each one this program particularly encourages the use of fruits and vegetables, because several of them count for 0 points and can be consumed at will.

the food richer in energies or fat represents more points by portion and must be limited to reasonable quantities the success of the weight watchers diet comes from the fact of respecting an objective.

a number of weight watchers points can not be exceeded.

in this diet program nothing is prohibited.

it is simply necessary to count its daily points and to avoid eating too much or too little the number of points advised to achieve a given goal depends on several factors, in particular the weight and the sex.

among women, the scale of points goes from 18 points per day for a person of 70 kg or less, up to 26 points per day for a woman of 100 kg this total is flexible and authorizes all kind of strategies.

it is possible to save up to four points per day and to use therm at the time of a particular occasion.

one can gain points and add them to his daily total while practicing an physical activity.

during the loss of weight, it is preferable to stick to the number of points adviced according to its sex and its weight.

when the objective of weight is achieved, it is necessary to gradually increase the number of daily points until a stabilization.

the weight watchers characteristics.

this diet combines a thinness program based on the last research in nutrition, a weekly accompanying in a form of a meeting, a counting facility since instead of counting calories and a food not restriction how it happens with weight watchers.

the inscriptions, take your weight, answer a little application form, the beginning of the diet needs an adaptation period.

weight watchers propose a lot of books, booklets.

you live find all nutritional information.

the advantages of the weight watchers diet are meetings, very simple program to follow, many simple and light recipes, a social life diet and your family can eat your dishes without any problem the inconvenients of the weight watchers diet are the price.

one should not be afraid to be in group.

it is necessary to like to cook.

the range of the food choices that you have can put at devil.

the food program that weight watchers presents relies on a very simple system.

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