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The Diet Solution Program – The Diet That Works

The Diet Solution Program – The Diet That Works

the diet solution program fashion is eight health p natural way of eating and uh.

i don't want that sound likeyou're going to eat uh.

unit nets in very very very bad and i am an ok it'sgoing to be configured and natural foods like natural needs and poultry n whole eggs and good fats like avocadosand olive oil and even things like butter which people are really surprisedwhen i tell them you can put that on your vegetables and put some salt onthem anymore anyways delicious so as you can see it it's a different approachuh.

that it's an approach that works it sounds like it's more of ourlifestyle approach it's not dieting for the moment or for that market that it'sa complete lifestyle change danielle that's exactly what it is in that's what my client and many readershave really embrace the appreciated up a dietitian program is that they can keep this way for thelong term it's how i eat it's how my family eats so it's it it's great it's easy to do itmistake and that i wanted to ask you how you came up with a diet solutionprogrammed to to struggle with with yourself i struggle with my weight for a verylong time and people are usually surprised whenthe here that but it started might early teens and ithink it was about eleven twelve years old and i started following every dietout there and unfortunately we see that in in girls especially now i a m here inhigh schools in even in greatschools girls that are talking about thereweight wanting to loose weight so i was there and i tried everything in anythinglike most people have and until i found this approach which was staying awayfrom processed foods hands staying away from the chemicals and just sort of embracing the foods that are ourancestors date you know how did ur our grandparents he had in ourgreat-grandparents even really embracing those principles i not only lost the weight but for thefirst time i was evil to keep it off and for me that was about thirty poundswhich when you're only five feet tall skinny at when only five feet tallthirty pounds is is a lot of weight you have but i did it without being hungryuh.

and and it's it's how i live my life now background second record and wanted to ask youabout this because dieting is the owner can be very store rascal 'cause no one has to be duaneyour food and counting every little thing how does your plan take this torest out of it because you learn which foods work for you you learn which foods to stay away fromand that's all you need to know you don't have to town any calories and youdon't have to worry about you know in needs to be in uh.

as specific anyparticular way know these are the fiji shitty these are the physician eat andthere you go picked up breakfast picket lines picnic dinner pics acts that aregoing to work for you and for your family and again just look at yourplayed then ask yourself is this natural so i don't know i thinkthat the tobacco – the diet solution program.

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