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The Delaware Way Staying Fit Over 50

The Delaware Way Staying Fit Over 50

– Welcome back tothe Delaware Way.

I'm Larry Mendte.

Staying fit when you're over 50.

If you're over 50 like I am, you know it's not that easy.

To talk about howyou can stay fit is senior fitnessexpert Betsy Gustafson, who is a finalist in the EastCoast Trainer of the Year, which was recentlyheld in Atlantic City, back in June, I think, right? – Yes.

– And you– And I saw the picturesof the people competing.

You had all these buff guys, and there you were with them, and yet, you wereone of the finalists.

And one of the questions was, "How have you madesomeone's life different "through your training?" How did you answerthat question? – Well, I teachnumerous classes a week.

And I would say that the focusis on the senior population, and many of them have said that I've improved theirstrength, their flexibility, and their range of motion.

And so, since it'sroughly 25 classes a week, and say, maybe anywhere from10 to 25 people per class, I see about 300 people a week.

And they were giving megreat recommendations, and that's what ledme into the contest, was so many people werebenefiting by these classes that I wanted to promotethe area of senior fitness more than a lot of thesetrainings that I go to address.

– I think some peoplethink, as they get older, it's just too darn hard.

Because things aren'tworking the way they used to.

Your knees aren't as good.

– Right.

– Or you might havearthritis somewhere.

Movement's difficult,and because that, you consider that a hindrance.

Yet I would imagine youranswer to that would be, you can alleviate someof those problems.

– Yes.

– Through exercise.

Is that right? – Yes.

Do you mind if Ishow you something? – [Larry] No, go ahead! – Okay.

I do work in assisted livings, and we play lots of games.

Like, we've playedbaseball, we do golf swings.

This is one of the littleeasy-to-carry-around tools that I use to teach assistedlivings and senior centers, and they have lots of fun.

But even any of these twistingmoves like our golf swing, raising it up above your head, and bowing and exhaling, all of that is tighteningand stretching the muscles, and you can even dothat with a yoga block.

– And while you're sitting, you can do this.

– And you're stretching.

And a lot of thesethings are sitting, and so, you know, it's– – So explain that for a second.

Because I think a lot ofpeople see that and go, "Oh, that's.

"What does that do?" But it's the movementalone, right? – Yes, it's the twisting.

Like, if you twistthis far, and then bow.

All of these areas, you'regetting your obliques, and you're getting theseareas that really need to get their stretch.

And I have one gentlemanthat takes my Pilates, and he's a golfer, and hewas skipping in the summer so he could play his golf.

And then he said, "Not again.

"I'm just gonna cometo Pilates once a week "because it helps mewith my golf swing.

" So he doesn't even quitin the summer months when he was playing golf.

– Your philosophyis to try to make exercise easier for people.

– I like to make it whereanyone can do it at any time.

They can start inany of my classes, and I do show some thingsthat make it a little harder, but I also make itso that it's modified so that anyone can start.

And I try to make it fun, so the music is energizing, and we just keep it moving.

I have lots of toys like these, even two-pound weighted balls.

You can use the resistancebands with handles.

And anything tomake it interesting and keep it moving.

– How do people get ahold of you if they're interestedin training with you? – The web addressis printspromos, P-R-I-N-T-SP-R-O-M-O-S, @yahoo.

Com, if you would like to email me.

– And then you do classes.

– I can give a schedule of classes.

– Oh, that's wonderful.

Well, thank you so much.

– Okay, thank you.

– I appreciate you coming in.

Senior fitness.

Betsy Gustafson, finalist.

Did I say it wrong? – That's fine, that's perfect.

Gustafson! – Got it.

A finalist in the EastCoast Trainer of the Year, but you're going back next year, and you're gonna win, right? – Okay, thank you.

– [Larry] That wraps upthe Delaware Way this week.

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