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Simple Ketogenic Diet Plan – That Works!

Simple Ketogenic Diet Plan – That Works!

The easiest Keto diet plan available today.

Customized to you! Hi everyone.

So I wanted to make thisquick video today about the 21-Day Keto Diet plan which I wrote and is available on myketocoach.


So I had a few questions about who am I, why I wrote this, why it works, and why it's different.

So really, my name is Raj and I used to a 240 pounds, now I'm 175 and, you know, I'vebeen living the ketogenic lifestyle for 4+ years and the challenge I had is probablythe same as you: I was looking online, it's the easiest resource.

And there's just somuch information and I just didn't know what to follow.

The other biggest challenge waswhat to cook.

All the keto meals are so elaborate.

I personally don't like cooking so Ineeded something simpler but highly effective that can fit my busy lifestyle, that's whatit's all about.

So that was the four core fundamentals of this book: making it simple,highly effective, and easy to follow.

And now, you know, it's been 4+ years andis part of my life, that's why it's a lifestyle and not a diet.

What does it include? So,the book has a big part of education: what is keto, why do I eat this way, and what doesit do.

So, education is really important so then when you're in certain situations youmake the right choice.

And understanding what's happening in your body between keto flu andhaving great energy, just understanding that's very criti — critical.

And then really,you know, setting yourself up for success, so telling your family are doing this to gettheir support.

You don't want to be challenged every time you're eating something withoutcarbs, and getting them to understand as well.

And then cleaning up your house of the junkfood, that really helps.

So that's all in the book as well.

And then lastly, there'sa section of, you know, tips and helpful supplements that could help in a few areas if there'sany gaps in your nutrition.

And the recipes are super easy to follow as well, so there'sno elaborate meals in the book.

And then why does it work? Well, first ofall, every book that's purchased is customized to you exactly.

So everything's calculated,all the meals prepared, they're very simple.

They're based off bulk cooking so you cancook a ton — like a lot of the food and then throughout the week it's just grab andgo, grab and go.

You can mix and match a few of the things to give yourself a bit of variety.

And every book purchased also includes two weeks of keto coaching.

After you purchaseand read the book fully, if you have questions email me.

I'm there to help and I really wantto help you through this journey and I'm always there anytime you need me.

The whole book is very simple to follow andsimple to understand.

It's really just, "This is why you do it and this is what you haveto do.

" It's pretty much simple as — it can't get simpler than that.

So I really tryto make it integrate into any kind of busy lifestyle that everybody has.

And lastly, working out.

You know, it's morethan fat loss we're talking here.

It's about wellness, living a long life.

So whether youcan workout at the gym or at home, there's different options in the book in there aswell plus a bunch of other information.

So, you know, if you want to find out what otherpeople have said about my book, go to myketocoach.


You'll see reviews there of other people andmaybe you're in some of those similar situations.

You can see what they've said.

Lastly, this is a lifestyle.

It's not a short-termdiet, but you know, people that are on keto and are in ketosis and keto adapted, theyfeel great: high-energy, feel great all the time, lack hunger, no carb cravings.

It'ssuch a win-win situation, I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to be in the state.

Well, subscribe to my videos, to my channel.

I'll be making more videos.

If you want a certain video made, email me and I'll seewhat I can do.

And if you're looking for a ketogenic diet plan or any keto coaching checkout my site or give me — send me an email.

All right, thank you.

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