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My weight loss journey (Week 50)

My weight loss journey (Week 50)

Hi guys it's currently Sunday the twenty-fifth of December 2016, which Christmas Day for me but it's New Years Day for you, so Happy New Year to you all and welcome to week fifty of my weight loss journey.

In last weeks video we saw that I had a gain of 0.

4 kilograms or 0.

9 pounds and my Body Mass Index went from 61.

9 up to 62.

If we start by looking at my calorie consumption over the last week, we can see this in the graph above.

The average of this is two thousand six hundred and twenty-one which is down from the previous week at two thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine.

If we now look at the amount of steps that I've completed, you can see this in the graph above.

The average of this is one thousand five hundred and six which is down compared to the previous week at two thousand four hundred and ninety-six.

Moving on to my body measurements, because it is week fifty and every five weeks as you know I do retake my body measurements and if we look at where I stand now.

Out of the fourteen body measurements which I monitor, I've seen a reduction in six of those.

These being; my right upper arm by 0.

5 inch, my chest 2 inches, waist 2 inches, hips 1 inch, right calf 0.

5 inch and my left ankle 0.

25 inch.

It's nice to report a positive here on my body measurements, so a combined loss of just over 6 inches.

Which isn't bad going over the last 5 weeks, so I'm really happy with this result.


K so it's that time of the week where we all get to see if I've managed to lose anymore weight.

Here it is guys.

Here's my weigh in.

I now weigh 210.

3 kilograms or 463.

6 pounds or 33 stone 1.

6 pound in my money.

So in the last week or since last Saturday I've lost 1.

9 kilogram or 4.

2 pounds, which is very good.

I'm really really happy with that result.

Moving on to my Body Mass Index (BMI), well last week it was at 62.

Based on this weeks loss it goes down to 61.

4 And if we look at my second weight loss target, it was 4.

7 percent complete and again based on this weeks loss it's now 10.

7 percent complete.

So in the fifty weeks that I've been doing my weight loss journey I've lost 77.

5 pounds or 35.

2 kilograms or 5 stone 7.

5 pounds.

So next week; well I'm going to be honest I'm definitely not going to be doing any exercise.

other than the walking backwards and forwards to the dining room table for Christmas Dinner and all the snacks and everything that comes with the Christmas Period, so no exercise for me planned for me for the following week.

err; but I know for a fact, pretty much on a daily basis I'm going to be going well over my calorie allowance I'm still going to be tracking my calories, but it's always going to be broken.


K; so I'm not going to be sticking to my allowance.


It's going to be a guilt free week of.

eating what ever I want, so ultimately this will mean.

I will obviously gain next week on my weigh in but the question is how much will I gain?? Well I'm going to have a guess.

I'm going to say.

I'm going to gain.

8 pounds.

Hopefully it's not going to be as much as that, but we'll see on my next weigh in on the next video.

So that's it guys that's the end of this weeks video, as always if you would like to hopefully continue seeing less of me why don't you subscribe to my channel, so you don't get to miss out on any future videos I post.

I wish you all a fantastic week and of course Happy New Year to you and your family.

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