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Japanese traditional drums,

Japanese traditional drums,

Reporter:Rain Meika Wow, the instructor is handsome! Yes, he's cool.

Today, we've come to experience a unique diet excercise using Japanese traditional Wadaiko drums.

Drums have many sport factors.

I've invented "Taikobics", specializing in those sporty factors of drums.

Taikobics is a aerobic excercise same as marathon.

By continuously moving, it will form a body that burns fat easily.

Please put your hand over here.

Can you feel the vibration? Yes, I feel it.

This is the charactor of drums.

The vibration goes through your inner body and activate your internal organs, which helps becoming healthy from the inside.

Let's start with hitting the drums.

Relax and hit the drum.

Hit like this? Without putting any strength? Yes.

Then where do we put strength? Catch the bounce that’s coming back Raise your right hand first, From here, hit hard toward the middle of the drum Here we go Turning your shoulder is also effective to heal your stiff shoulder Not only for diet, but hitting the drum feels good and helps to reduce your stress.

After you get used to hit the drum, we will add steps to it.

Please focus on your posture.

Feel the core so that your body won't wobble.

Then with a step, add drum hitting movements.

Both of them are so serious as the step increases.

5、6、7、8… At count 8 raise your right foot and step forward One lesson is about 60minutes.

Busy learning the steps, time goes really quick.

Finally, with the music, we perform the learned stepsMoving rhythmically, hitting the drum.

MEIKA says it is too hard to  excercise anymore RAIN works hard for weight loss.

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