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4 biggest diet mistakes / 4 Größen Diät Fehler

4 biggest diet mistakes / 4 Größen Diät Fehler

What's up guys! It's me Giovanni Misaine and today we will talk about getting your beach body or bikini body, enough with the diet lies, why losing weight seldom works and how you really can get slim.

See you shortly! Diets fail often and also sport makes slim seldom the most diet mistakes come from doctors.

The 4 most important mistakes and how losing weight can be possible.

Overweighted people mostly can't help if they can't lose weight.

After 2 weeks the diets don't work anymore and losing weight without starving doesn't exist.

It's a sad fact but 90% of all diets fail on long-term.

So something is wrong with the long-term knowledge and possibilities, of losing weight sustainable.

The simple equation of reducing calories + movement = losing weight doesn't work out inevitable Causes for this are biological mechanism in our body when we lose weight or put on weight.

Still all diets are based on these mistakes and that's why they mostly fail.

The 4 most important mistakes referring to losing weight.

Mistake No.

1: Losing weight without starving Low carb, food combining, metabolic balance and many other diets are based on that you leave certain nutrients away and raise others in the amount.

After about 2 weeks the body adjusts to this nutrition.

And doesn't lose more weight.

Because actually the body doesn't want to lose weight, he wants to try to save energy in the form of fat to fall back to this at some point.

That's why it is a biological expiry that the body reduces losing weight after a while or stops it because he doesn't want to lose weight if he gets to a certain limit.

He tries to keep some parts and tries to work against it.

Mistake 2: There is the right diet for everyone? The same as before, after about 2 weeks, doesn't matter which diet I'm doing after 2 weeks the body also adjusts to this.

If I eat less carbohydrates, therfore more fat or more protein, doens't matter which diet I do, do I eat less or more, at some point the body adjusts to this and then the process of losing weight is interrupted again that means you can't do one diet permanently.

Only works for 2 weeks, and that goes for all diets.

There is no diet that I personally know, that goes over weeks and months where you lose weight permanently Doesn't exist.

Because the body is made, biological and evolutionary, that he always adjusts to the circumstances Mistake No.

3: Who moves, loses weight? Generally speaking movement is always good and healthy.

Enlives the body circulation, but if I play an hour of tennis, for example, I lose about 650 calories.

Isn't much, that means if I really want to lose weight trough sports I should train for 2 hours.

Doesn't matter in which way, also football is possible, if I move for 2×45 minutes on a little higher level, not the lowest division but on a higher level.

But generally in the fitness studio or outdoors doesn't matter what it is you should make sure that you intensively train for 2 hours Then it's possible to lose weight trough movement and sports.

For example I train for 1 1/2 – 2 hours in the fitness studio, but really intense I have really short breaks between the sets, that means I have 30 seconds til max.

1 minute break and then do the next set.

And to this I train very heavy for my conditions.

Mistake No.

4: Who's fat, just eats too much? Not always overweighted people have no discipline.

There are actually feed converters that can't lose weight with a daily requirement of 1200 calories.

And this hasn't got anything to do with not wanting to lose weight, it's because of got to do with the genes.

Overweighted people are often wrongly accused that they are lazy or they don't want to eat less, that they can't do a diet or have no discipline.

In general that's not the case.

Partly you can't even lose weight with effective sport.

These people can only help themselves with an operation to lose weight Whoever is to fat, eats too much.

To this point I would say that you should look if you got fat pads reciently or if you have been chubby in general Or if your parents or sibblings have been chubby, if that's not the case you have very good chances of doing a diet without any problems and then losing weight.

And if nothing helps, neither reduced calories, nore effective sport then an operation could be the only possibility but also this should be done after a long time, after trying out different diets with medical help of course And if nothing helps this is porbably the only solution.

Otherwise if this is a recent phase that you got fat through your working situation, school situation or other things that you stopped doing sport, you did competetive sport or comething else then the chances of losing weight with a normal diet are very good.

Set realistic goals! About 5% in one year is deffinetely a realistic goal which you can achieve you can also, if you're disciplined, reduce more, no question.

It depends on how much you eat, I managed to reduce more Therfore you shouldn't set your goals to high if you are easy disappointed or difficult to motivate because then you are disappointed to fast and you give up to early.

Just set realistic goals, short steps and achieve does definately.

Next point, don't starve too long.

As mentioned, the body doesn't reduce fat after 2 weeks.

That means it doesn't make sence if you continue for 3, 4 or 5 weeks and you notice you don't get any further.

That's frustrating and disappointing and that shouldn't be the case.

It should be that you have senses of achievement the most important thing is to go on the scale and see that you lost weight that's always a great feeling to know you're on the right way and if that's not the case you ask yourself, oh what's happened.

I have two possibilities or tips for you, that this doesn't happen.

First of all I've often been asked if cheat days help, do you need this, do you have to do this.

In these phases that's exactly the reason why you do a cheat day.

You do a cheat day One does it every week, the other does it every second week, in general it's good if you do it every two weeks then the result of losing weight is better if you have problems with it and have the desire to enjoy something every week then you can do it every week in the beginning but you shouldn't overdo it.

You shouldn't go and eat 10.

000 calories on that day, that's too much and you ruine your week with this.

You should do a cheat day where you eat chips with a hamburger or a pizza or sweets that's all possible, that's what a cheat day is there for, to enjoy.

But you shouldn't overdo it with the calories.

If you eat 1500 calories during the week, 6 days a week, you shouldn't go and eat 10.

000 calories a day.

Isn't good, ruins the week.

If you go and eat 3000 or 5000 calories, that's ok.

The effect which results is that the body gets the signal that the starving phase is over.

Next point, don't starve too long.

The body stops reducing fat afer 2 weeks.

It makes no sence eating less for 4 or 5 weeks the body will get used to this, that's how he's made.

Therefore my tip is that you do a cheat day either every week or every second week.

I've often been asked if they help, do you need this, if you want to lose weight over a longer period and you want to lose weight they deffinetley make sense.

But you shouldn't overdo it, you shouldn't go and eat 10.

000 calories a day cause you ruin the other weeks but you should definately take more calories then usually.

That means if I eat 1500 calories during the week I should eat 3000-5000 calories on a cheat day and it doesn't matter what you eat, cake or chocolate, chips, hamburger or pizza it doesn't matter, you can als eat clean which is better then no clean nutrition Then the body gets the signal that we can raise the metabolism And then the next two weeks you are in the reducing fat phase Next point, which also is very good is vary the diets Means you do one diet 2-3 weeks and change to an other diet.

Would also be an oppurtunity I hope you liked the video and that I could help you referring to diets and sport Take care, like the video, write in the comments below if you want to know anything All questions which you have, write them in the comments, I will answer all.

So I would say see you next time! Your Giovanni!.

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