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12 Reasons Why the Raw Food Diet Works

12 Reasons Why the Raw Food Diet Works

Alright, this is John Kohler with okraw.

Com! Today we have another exciting episode for you that you’re going to want to tune into.

I mean, literally it’s taken me twenty years to make this episode.

This is my twentiethyear living on a plant based, raw fruit and vegetable based diet, like 99.


And thisis a topic that I want to cover for you guys because it’s very important.

Whether you’reresearching the raw foods diet or already doing it, you know, I want to let you guysknow why I exactly believe that it works.

And it’s not just as simple as the foodis not cooked.

I mean, when I learned about raw foods over twenty years ago now, you know,I was taught a few things.

Like, the reasons why we should eat raw foodsare number one, is because cooking destroys the enzymes.

And we need the enzymes in thefood to help digest the food.

So I mean, some of the things I have learned twenty yearsago, science, technology and information has changed a little bit and what I know and whatwe’ve discovered has changed.

And I may think a little bit differently than what Ibelieved before.

So, I mean, in my opinion, the truth of the matter is, you know, whilethere are more enzymes in the food, that’s not necessarily the main reason for eatingraw foods is that there’s enzymes in the food.

We can make our own enzymes and peoplewill say oh enzymes make no difference whether we eat them or not.

Well, I mean, there’stherapies known as enzyme therapy where they, you know, have healed people with differentconditions through massive intake of oral enzymes.

So, anyways, I figured it is a factor,but not the most important factor.

Another factor that’s given why, you know,we should eat raw is because cooking destroys nutrients.

And some books in the day whenI started my raw foods diet, ended every chapter with the words ‘cooked food is poison’.

Now, you could believe the rhetoric and believe dogma if you’d like.

I don’t want to bethat, I want to be like a realist.

And while I don’t necessarily believe that all cookedfood is poison, there are plenty of cooked foods, you know, that can be poisonous anddetrimental to your health.

But on the flip side, I’ve also learned there are plentyof foods if cooked properly, like whole plant foods like steamed, boiling, maybe pressurecooked, are actually beneficial.

Because cooking does break down like cell walls and it doesdenature plant toxins and make some nutrients more available.

Now, yes, while it does dothat to some, you know, it still destroys a lot of nutrients.

So I think that everyperson has to weigh out for themselves the benefits and the costs of whatever they doin their life.

You know, whether that is cooking their food or going out with somebody that’scheated before.

A known cheater, right.

Because that’s hazardous in my opinion, becauseif once a cheater always a cheater.

But that’s not always the case either.


So the next reason why I was taught that cookedfoods is not good is because of leucocytosis.

And what is leucocytosis and why is it important?So leucocytosis, and this is why actually I got into raw foods and why I was super motivatedto stay all raw for all these years, is because I learned that when you eat cooked food, thingsthat have been cooked, it causes leucocytosis.

And I was just basically relaying the gospelof what I learned, you know, when I got into it.

You know, what I read in books and I wouldjust learn that, spit it back out.

But then without really investigating.

Well, there’sbeen some new research and new investigation done by some long term raw foodists out there.

And I learned that actually not all cooked foods causes leucocytosis.

Even cooked veganfoods does not cause leucocytosis.

So that’s not a reason to become a raw foodist.

Nowthere’s, I mean, I’m just not going to be raw anymore, because it doesn’t causeleucocytosis.

Well no, there’s still definite benefits to eating raw foods and I’m goingto get into that in just a little bit.

But what we learned recently is that only animalfoods causes leucocytosis.

Even the crappiest vegan cookie that’s totally not healthybut plant based doesn’t cause leucocytosis.

So leucocytosis is definitely a reason tonot eat any animal products.

Any animal meats, dairy, eggs, cheese, all that stuff.

So yeahthat will cause leucocytosis in your body.

Plant foods will not, even if cooked.

So yeah,I mean, the main reason.

It’s like if you got a house and it’s being held up on thefoundation by one brick because there’s like a mountain and then you pull out thebrick and the whole house tumbles down.

I guess with the, like the whole house tumbleddown after I learned that.

I’m like oh my god, I’ve been into raw food all these yearsand I could have did that.

Because, you know, for those of you guys that don’t know me,I had actually had a chronic health condition, I almost lost my life due to spinal meningitis,which was caused by complement immune deficiency, which was basically a chronically weak anddepressed immune system.

So I didn’t want to do things to my immune system to causeit to be more depressed.

Like eating cooked foods which activates your immune system everytime.

And it’s like, to me it’s like the boy who cried wolf.

You’re always activatingyour immune system but you’re just trying to eat your food.

And that’s not a goodthing because your immune system should be there, be ready, be responsive when thereactually a foreign invader that you do and will need it to attack.

So yeah I was quitedisenchanted a little bit finding about that.

But there’s many other reasons for raw foodsthat I’ll get into in a minute.

And another reason why I was given, you know,when I got into raw foods, is that no other animal eats cooked food so why should we?And I mean, this is the argument, how good of an argument is it, you know, that’s debatable.

I mean, while all every other animal and creature on the planet eats raw foods, which is totallytrue, you know, we’ve evolved.

And some people say, and I tend to believe this, thatwe didn’t evolve because we started eating meat and animal products.

No, no, no.

We evolvedbecause we started cooking our foods.

And we were able to eat more calorically densefoods, like, you know, carbohydrate rich foods.

And that’s what I believe.

So yeah, so Ibelieve that’s true to a point.

But you could take it too far and get too extreme,right.

And it’s true that all animals eat raw foods and that I believe everybody’sdiet on the planet should be a good percentage of raw foods.

Do I think that everybody onthe planet should eat raw foods? I’d say probably not, they’ll not have reasons forthis.

But let’s go ahead and get into the reasonwhy you should eat more raw foods if not almost all raw foods in your diet.

And these arethe reasons why they work.

And even if you don’t do all these reasons, you should justdo as many of these guys as you can.

Because these are all the reasons in my opinion, whyraw foods works.

And it’s not just like any one reason.

Raw foods work because it’sall raw.

I mean, that’s , anyways, let’s just move on, alright.

So here are the reasons why raw foods works,okay.

Reason number one – because a plant basedraw food diet is better than what you were previously eating.

Yeah, I mean, most peoplecome from a standard American diet, even a junk food vegan diet, to a raw food wholefood diet.

Major improvements.

And because the main reason about this is because it’swhat you’re not eating.

You know, what you’re not eating.

And no matter what kind of dietarychanges, if you go paleo, you go this, you go whatever the name you want to put on yourdiet, right, you generally going to be improving your diet.

I mean, if you’re going raw veganto paleo, that’s not an improvement.

But if you’re going standard American to paleo,at least hopefully you’re going to be eating way more fruits and vegetables, right.

Soit’s what you’re not eating that’s important and that you’re moving in a better direction.

That’s one of the reasons why the raw food diet works.

Number two reason why the raw food diet works,in my opinion, and this is a very important one, is because it’s a plant based diet.

It’s a vegan diet, right.

And you’re eating copious amounts of plant foods without theanimal foods, which in my opinion are not so healthy for us.

Check the video down belowor I’ll put a link up here right over there or right over here, to a video 10 reasonswhy I don’t eat meat.

I mean, this is all backed by scientific studies.

So yeah, plantfoods they’re some of the best foods on the planet in my opinion.

Third reason why the raw food diet works sowell is because people who are into raw foods generally also get in to eating organic foods.

And when you’re eating organic foods, you’re lowering the amount of pesticides, herbicidesand fungicides that are on the food you’re eating.

Plus in most cases but not all, thenutrition in the foods is actually higher.

So this is another huge benefit of eatinga raw foods diet.

Reason number four why the raw food diet worksis because you’re eating a whole food based diet, right.

I mean just going from, you know,cooked processed vegan to a whole food vegan, that’s huge.

And if you eat raw plant food,whole vegan, it’s even bettering my opinion.

And this is where we should all be.

I mean,industry and companies that make profit off you guys, they want to process the food sothat it will sit on the store shelf for days, years, months, you know, and last foreverliterally.

And this is when you do that you lose nutrients in the foods.

So, you know,eating a whole food plant based diet, you’re going to get more benefits.

And by minimallyprocessing these things yourselves, such as make your own fresh juice like I did thismorning.

I made a pineapple pomegranate juice instead of buying like a pom juice that’sbeen pasteurized, packaged in the bottle.

You know, it’s going to be way better.

So,you know, a raw food diet, a healthy raw food diet should also be a whole food centereddiet.

No, not bought at Whole Foods but whole plant foods.

The fifth reason why a raw foods diet is sobeneficial is because you’re massively increasing your consumption of some of the undoubtedlybest foods, most nutritious foods on the planet, the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, right.

Most Americans don’t eat enough fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

I think the standardAmerican might eat six ounces of kale in a year, right.

I’ll eat that in a day, right.

My goal every day is to eat two pounds of leafy greens.

So you’re really raising upyour consumption of fruit and vegetables.

And this is the kind of plant based raw fooddiet I recommend.

One that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, not nut seeds and other things.

The sixth reason why I believe the raw fooddiet works is because of something I call life force energy.

And in certain differentcultures it’s called different things, you know, prana, chi, biophoton.

But this isnot really been scientifically studied or proven to this extent yet.

But what I believeis, one of the major constituents on why raw foods works is because the foods are alive.

They’re still living.

I mean I could pick this lettuce.

I’m sitting here in my garden,I could eat it, it’s still alive.

And there’s energy that transfers to you, you know, thatyou’re getting from your foods.

And if you can grow your own garden, pick your own foodsfresh, you know.

Go to a farmers market and buy the foods freshly harvested instead of,you know, shipped and sitting on a truck for two weeks, because you’re losing this vitallife force energy.

And I know some of you guys might think this is airy-fairy and I’mnormally not like this.

But it’s true, when I eat, you know, rich life force foods I feelmore alive.

And that’s what we all want to feel.

And I don’t believe you’re goingto feel alive by eating processed canned, you know, or even dehydrated raw foods asmuch as you will if you eat fresh things that you grew yourself in high nutrient dense soil.

Or even if you can’t do this, grow some sprouts and microgreens which are known asbiogenic foods.

Some of the most valuable foods on the entire planet, foods with higherlife force, so you too could be full of life.

The seventh reason why I believe the raw fooddiet works is because it’s one of the most nutrient dense diets in the planet, right.

The fruits and vegetables have the most nutrients, phytochemicals, you know, phytonutrients,vitamins and minerals compared to calories than anything else.

In, you know, just ina tomato for example, there’s over three hundred different unique plant compounds thatthe tomato plant makes to put in the tomato.

And it doesn’t make that for us, it makesthat for the tomato plant to protect it from bugs, to protect it from disease, to protectit from the sun, to protect it from the wind, the rain, the sleet, the snow, well maybenot the snow, but it protect it.

And that’s why these compounds are in there for the plant.

And then when we eat these plant foods we get those protections into us, you know.

Soif we eat a diet rich in phytonutrients, you know, that will help give us sun protection,right.

And this is how we should all be living with phytonutrient rich foods to have ourown built in sunscreen instead of having a smear on sunscreen.

I mean what other animalon earth wears sunscreen, right? So yeah the plant foods, fruits and vegetables has nutritionand the lowest amount of calories.

Another reason why I believe raw food works.

The eighth reason why I believe raw food worksis because it’s an alkaline centric diet, right.

The Standard American Diet is, theSAD diet, is an acid focussed diet.

And we need to maintain our proper pH in our bodyand having too many acid foods is not healthy.

I mean there’s books on acid alkaline balance,you know.

And some people think oh you just need to eat acid alkaline balance and you’regoing to be healthy.

Well, that’s one component of all these, you know, twelve componentsthat I’m sharing with you guys today on why raw foods diet is so good.

But there’sothers, you know.

So you can’t just focus on alkalinity, you can’t just focus on plantbased or whole, you got to do all these things to get the benefits man.

And that’s thereason for this video.

So I want you guys to, you know, not drink alkaline water becauseyou could buy this machine for a thousand or you could be alkaline; no, eat your leafygreens.

Juice your leafy greens.

These are the richest alkaline source foods in the planet.

But aside from the alkalinity, they have a whole host of other benefits that I covereda little bit earlier.

The ninth reason why a raw food diet works,in my opinion, is because of its high water content.

We are 70 – 75% water.

And if you’renot eating this percentage of water content in the foods, you’re getting dehydrated.

And along with dehydration, there can be many health challenges.

I mean there’s a bookwritten on the body’s many cries for water, which covers that by simply drinking wateryou could, you know, cure you know, or heal some of your ailments, right.

And that’swhy the raw food diet works.

Because if you’re eating fruits and vegetables, they’re water-rich.

You know, most of them, maybe except for bananas or dates or something like that, dried fruits,have more water content than us.

So they share their water content with us so that we couldbecome more juicy and be more juicy in life, right.

Instead of more shrivelled up and oldand cross.

So yeah, stay hydrated by eating your fresh fruits and vegetables that arerich in water, but of course also other phytonutrients and phytochemical, vitamins and minerals.

The tenth reason why I believe the raw fooddiet works is because you’re generally eating seasonally.

If you’re diet is centred aroundfresh fruits and fresh vegetables, you’re going to eat what you could get.

And hopefullyyou shop in a farmer’s market or hopefully you’re growing your own.

I mean, I knowmy diet changes every month of the year.

Because I’m eating whatever is in my garden, whateveris fresh, whatever is in season.

That’s what I’m eating.

So by rotating your diet,you’re going to eat a wider diversity of foods than you would normally would have,right.

And another thing you’d probably do like I’ve done, you know, once you gettired of eating bananas and dates and romaine, you’re going to search and see what otherfoods can I eat that are nutritious for me, you know.

You may include seaweeds, like Istarted including.

You may include, you know, different super foods, you know, and powdersand things that you normally wouldn’t even grow or you have no access to, right, to increaseyour diversity of foods to make eating fun.

Because now you have new and different tastesensations.

You’ll discover new fruits that you never ate before.

And every differentfruit or vegetable has also a spectrum of phytonutrients and phytochemicals and if youjust ate McDonalds and a hamburger and a donut at Dunkin Donuts every day that’s not alot of variety.

So, you know, I would say I get more variety in my diet than almostanybody I know.

And I want to encourage you guys to also strive for genetic diversityin your diet in eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

And look for new foods.

And I try to cover those in my episodes.

So if you’re not subscribed already, you clickthat Subscribe button down below.

I go to trade shows and find all kinds of new foodsfor you guys to share with you guys, so you could have new tastes and flavor sensations,but more important, new nutrients that you could add to your diet as well.

The eleventh reason why I believe the rawfoods diet is so beneficial is because we’re better meeting our macronutrient needs.

Macronutrientsare things like protein, carbohydrates and fats.

So generally on a healthy plant baseddiet, you’re going to eat a lot of carbohydrates with smaller amounts of proteins and fats.

Of course that is up to debate.

I recommend high carbohydrate low fat diet, which in myopinion is less than 25% of your calories from fat and maybe around, you know, 10% or15 % or protein.

And this better matches our needs.

I mean, the ancient peoples you knowthat lived in different places around the world.

You know, in China they eat rice andin Polynesia you know they ate a lot of like you know taro and root crops and in the Indiesand South America they eat potatoes.

So I mean, really eating a lot of carbs is reallygood for us.

And I think it’s really sad that in this generation and even many peopleon YouTube focus as carbs f up, you know, this is the number one reason why it’s healthy.

No dudes, you guys need to watch this video, there’s 11 other reasons why the raw fooddiet and even a plant based diet works.

It’s encompassing this whole list that I’m sharingwith you guys today.

So if you are on a high carb, you know, plant based diet, you know,open up to some of my other reasons why a raw food diet works and incorporate some ofthese techniques into your diet so you could become healthier in my opinion.

The twelfth reason why I believe the raw foodsdiet is so beneficial is because you’re minimizing the amount of toxins in your life.

I mean, number one, the ones that you’re eating directly and more importantly, youknow, if you get into this lifestyle fully besides just the diet, you know, you’llmake other changes by you know going to natural, you know, hair care and cosmetic productsand not using toxic chemical sprays and perfumes and dyes in your detergents to wash your clothes.

And you know, use more natural furnishings and natural flooring materials in your lifebecause things off gas and all this stuff.

And we need to really minimize the amountof toxins in our life because there are already too many.

We’re polluting this planet andwe are biologic accumulators.

Whether you’re eating meat and animal products, they havea lot of biologic accumulation from the toxins they eat during their lifetime.

And then whenpeople kill them and eat them you’re eating them.

So on a plant based raw foods diet,you’re not getting those things, right.

In addition if you garden organic, you’renot going to get the toxic, you know, pesticides and even worse GMO foods, and things likethe glyphosate , those things are really bad news, right.

And also you’re not going toget things like trans fats which are man made fats.

These things are really terrible.

Imean, I think they have warning stickers now on things like that, right, and they’vegot to have labelling.

And you’re not eating these kind of things.

And I believe that,you know, processed foods have probably the most amount of toxins in there because manstarts you know, literally playing God.

Like okay we’re going to take out soy proteinisolate.

And in my opinion soy protein isolate is not healthy.

But whole soy foods consumedin traditional ways, like one of my favorite ways is Nattō, in my opinion in not superlarge amounts every now and then, is quite healthy and it provides actually vitamin K2which can be deficient in a vegan diet, right.

And this is another of the main reasons whyI think raw foods is so beneficial.

Because you’re minimizing the toxins, you’re eatinglower on the food chain, you’re eating plant foods.

I mean all these reasons come togetherand are the reason why I believe raw foods are so beneficial.

Now of course these reasons will also workif you put it into a even cooked food paradigm.

So I’m not saying you guys got to be rawto do all these things, I want you guys to incorporate as many of these reasons intoyour diet as you possibly can.

And the way to do that in my opinion is eat more freshfruits and fresh vegetables.

Even if you don’t go all raw, I don’t care if you’re notall raw.

And actually in some, in most cases actually I don’t recommend people to goall raw.

There are benefits to doing all raw.

There are benefits to not doing all raw.

Butthe fact of the matter is clear.

You want to eat more, almost your entire diet in myopinion should be plant foods.

And if you still think you need animal foods, eat lessthan 10% of your calories from animal foods.

If you eat enough plant foods and you knowfruits and vegetables I think you’ll negate the risks of eating animal foods, right.

I’mjust trying to be honest with you and this is my personal opinion based on what I know.

Of course I don’t eat any animal foods, and I eat a 99.

9% raw foods diet.

But youhave to pay attention, you have to be prudent, you have to be up on the research, you haveto go to these events and listen to people and hear new things and change your approachas you’re moving.

As you’re going on in this life journey, always be open to changeyour approach.

Have a good foundation on what you believe in, but always be open to listento others.

And I’m glad for people like Dr Jameth Sheridan out there, one of my mentorswho I really admire and look up to.

And he got me to open my eyes about this actuallyvery topic, right, which inspired this video for you guys.

So I want to encourage you guysto look up Jameth and his company HealthForce Nutritionals.

They make some really good stuff.

And I’ll probably soon have some episodes about the stuff that they make.

But yeah andthere’s been so many other people that have helped me along in my journey.

And I’m justhere to help you along in your journey as well.

So if you guys enjoyed this format, pleasegive me a thumbs up to let me know.

Please also comment down below how this video willchange your life, what you’re going to do after watching this video to improve yourlife, to improve your diet, to improve your health, to improve the amount of energy, toimprove the weight loss because i believe fruits and vegetables are completely the answer.

So also be sure to share this video with others if you think it will help them, post it onyour Facebook page, you know, share it on your Google+ and all this stuff.

And alsobe sure to click that Subscribe button to be updated and notified of my new upcomingepisodes.

I have episodes coming about up every five days.

You never know where I’mgoing to show up or what I’ll be teaching you guys.

I have a wide diversity of friendsthat have been doing this a long time.

I go to different trade shows and share stuff withyou guys literally that you’re not going to hear anywhere else on any other YouTubechannel, right.

And also be sure to check my past episodes.

I have a wealth of episodes,over 400 episodes now on all different aspects of raw foods.

I will put a link down belowto one of my videos I really like, you know, “Just because it’s raw doesn’t meanit’s healthy”.

If you watch that video you’re going to know more than most rawfoodists these days on know how to define raw foods.

And if it’s something that youreally want to eat or not.

Because there’s a lot of foul raw foods out there that I don’tnecessarily recommend.

So anyways this is John Kohler with okraw.


We’ll see younext time and until then remember – keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables, they’realways the best!.

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